James McGill Buchanan Jr.

James Buchanan is an economist most renowned for his work ‘Public Choice Theory’, and won the 1986 Nobel prize in Economic Science.

He has long been a professor at George Mason University.

His work in economics included rigorious analysis of the theory of logrolling.

Major Works of James M. Buchanan

– The Pure Theory of Public Finance: A suggested approach, 1949
– Individual Choice in Voting and the Market, 1954
– Social Choice in Voting and Free Markets, 1954
– Public Principles of Public Debt, 1958
– Positive Economics, Welfare Economics and Political Economy, 1959
– Fiscal Theory and Political Economy, 1960
– Externality, with W.C. Stubblebine, 1962
– The Calculus of Consent: Logical foundations for constitutional democracy, with G. Tullock, 1962
– What Should Economists Do?, 1964
– Ethical Rules, Expected Values and Large Numbers, 1965
– Economics and Its Scientific Neighbors, 1966
– Public Finance in Democratic Process: Fiscal institutions and democratic choice, 1967
– Demand and Supply of Public Goods, 1968
– An Economist’s Approach to Scientific Politics, 1968
– Cost and Choice: An inquiry into economic theory, 1969
– Is Economics the Science of Choice?, 1969
– Notes for an Economic Theory of Socialism, 1970
– Academia in Anarchy, with N.Devletoglou, 1971
– Equality as Fact and Norm, 1971
– Before Public Choice, 1973
– The Limits of Liberty: Between Anarchy and Leviathan, 1975
– Public Finance and Public Choice, 1975
– A Contractarian Paradigm for Applying Economic Theory, 1975
– Barro on the Ricardian Equivalence Theorem, 1976
– Methods and Morals in Economics, 1976
– Democracy in Deficit: the political legacy of Lord Keynes, with R.E. Wagner, 1977
– Markets, States and the Extent of Morals, 1978
– Freedom in Constitutional Contract, 1978
– What Should Economists Do?, 1979
– The Power to Tax: the analytical foundations of a fiscal constitution, with G. Brennan, 1980
– The Homogenization of Heterogeneous Inputs, with R.D. Tollison, 1981
– The Domain of Subjective Economics: Between predictive science and moral philosophy, 1982
– Order Defined in the Process of Emergence, 1982
– The Reason of Rules: constitutional political economy with G. Brennan, 1985
– Liberty, Market and the State, 1986
– The Constitution of Economic Policy, 1987
– Economics: between predictive science and moral philosophy, with G. Brennan, 1988
– Explorations in Constitutional Economics, 1989
– The Economics and Ethics of Constitutional Order, 1991
– From the Inside Looking Out, 1991
– Constitutional Economics
– Better than Ploughing and other personal essays. 1992
– Economic freedom and competitive federalism: prospects for the new century, 1996
– Generalized Increasing Returns, Euler’s Theorem, and Competitive Equilibrium, with Yong J. Yoon, 1999
– Collected Works of James M. Buchanan, 1999

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