Multiplier (1931)

Multiplier is defined as the relationship between a change in the national income and the primary alteration in expenditure that brought it about.

In a simple model, the multiplier effect depends on the marginal propensity to consume.

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R F Kahn, ‘The Relationship of Home Investment to Employment’, Economic Journal, vol. XLI (June, 1931), 173-98


  • Multiplier (coefficient), the number of multiples being computed in multiplication, also known as a coefficient in algebra
  • Lagrange multiplier, a scalar variable used in mathematics to solve an optimisation problem for a given constraint
  • Multiplier (Fourier analysis), an operator that multiplies the Fourier coefficients of a function by a specified function (known as the symbol)
  • Multiplier of orbit, a formula for computing a value of a variable based on its own previous value or values; see Periodic points of complex quadratic mappings
  • Characteristic multiplier, an eigenvalue of a monodromy matrix
  • Multiplier algebra, a construction on C*-Algebras and similar structures

Electrical engineering

  • Binary multiplier, a digital circuit to perform rapid multiplication of two numbers in binary representation
  • Analog multiplier, a device that multiplies two analog signals
  • Frequency multiplier, a device that generates a signal at an integer multiple of its input frequency
  • Voltage multiplier, an electrical circuit that converts AC electrical power from a lower voltage to a higher DC voltage.
  • Schweigger multiplier, an early galvanometer


  • Multiplier (economics), any measure of the proportional effect of an exogenous variable on an endogenous variable
  • Fiscal multiplier, the ratio of the change in aggregate demand to the change in government spending that caused it
  • Money multiplier, the ratio of the money generated by the banking system to the central bank’s increase in the monetary base that caused it

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