The balance of a composition’s components.

This is achieved through the careful distribution of elements, the varied lines of the design and the balanced use of color.

List of types of equilibrium, the condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts.

Equilibrium may also refer to:

Film and television

  • Equilibrium (film), a 2002 science fiction film
  • The Story of Three Loves, also known as Equilibrium, a 1953 romantic anthology film
  • “Equilibrium” (seaQuest 2032)
  • Equilibrium, short film by Steven Soderbergh, a segment of Eros
  • “Equilibrium” (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Star Trek DS9 Episode 4, Season 3


  • Equilibrium (band), a folk metal band from Germany
  • Equilibrium (Crowbar album), 2000
  • Equilibrium (Erik Mongrain album), 2008
  • Equilibrium (God Forbid album), 2012
  • Equilibrium (Whitecross album), 1995
  • Equilibrium (Matthew Shipp album), 2003
  • IX Equilibrium, a 1999 album by Emperor
  • Equilibrium, an album by Fergie Frederiksen

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