Theory of individuals’ and groups’ ability to achieve their ends.

In social relations, power is exercised by persons or institutions acting in such a way that their interestsor wishes prevail over those of others. They are thus responsible for the consequences. There is dispute, however, over the extent to which they need to be aware of these consequences for it to be usefully said that power is being exercised.

David Miller et al., eds, The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Political Thought (Oxford, 1987)

Mathematics, science and technology


  • IBM Power (software), an IBM operating system enhancement package
  • IBM POWER instruction set architecture, a RISC instruction set architecture
  • Power ISA, a RISC instruction set architecture derived from PowerPC
  • IBM POWER microprocessors, made by IBM, which implement those RISC architectures
  • Power.org, a consortium promoting POWER Architecture


  • Exponentiation, “x to the power of y”
  • Power function
  • Power of a point
  • Statistical power


  • Magnification, the factor by which an optical system enlarges an image
  • Optical power, the degree to which a lens converges or diverges light

Social sciences and politics

  • Economic power, encompassing several concepts that economists use, featuring the word “power”
  • Power (international relations)
  • Power (social and political), the ability to influence people or events

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities

  • Power Girl, a fictional character in the DC Comics universe
  • Power Pack, a fictional Marvel Comics superhero-team consisting of four young siblings


  • Power (1928 film), a comedy film starring William Boyd, Alan Hale and Jacqueline Logan
  • Power (1986 film), an American drama film
  • Power (2014 Telugu film), a Telugu film starring Ravi Teja and Hansika Motwani
  • Power (2014 Kannada film), a Kannada film starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Trisha
  • Power (2016 film), a Bengali action comedy film
  • The Power (1968 film), a science fiction film
  • The Power (1984 film), an American horror film


  • Power (Fast novel), a 1962 novel by Howard Fast
  • Power (play), a 2003 play by Nick Dear
  • Power: A New Social Analysis, a 1938 sociology book by Bertrand Russell
  • The Power (Alderman novel), a 2016 novel by Naomi Alderman
  • The Power (Robinson novel), a 1956 novel by Frank M. Robinson, on which the 1968 film is based
  • The Power (self-help book), a 2010 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne



  • Power (Alex Newell EP), 2016
  • Power (B.A.P. EP), 2012
  • Power (Barrabás album), 1973
  • Power (Boys Noize album), 2009
  • Power (Ice-T album), 1988
  • Power (Kansas album), 1986
  • Power (Nekrogoblikon EP), 2013
  • Power (Q and Not U album), 2004
  • Power (Tower of Power album), 1987
  • The Power (album), by Vanessa Amorosi
  • Power, by Group 1 Crew
  • Power, by Lakeside
  • Power, by SSD
  • Power, by The Temptations
  • Power, by Z-Ro


  • “Power” (Ellie Goulding song), 2020
  • “Power” (Exo song) by EXO from The War: The Power of Music, 2017
  • “Power” (Little Mix Song), 2016
  • “Power” (Kanye West song), 2010
  • “Power” (Helloween song), 1996
  • “Power” (KMFDM song), 1996
  • “Power” (Sharon O’Neill song), 1984
  • “Power”, by Hardwell and Kshmr
  • “Power”, by Bastille from Wild World
  • “Power”, by John and Johanna Hall
  • “Power”, by Kansas from Power
  • “Power”, by Katy Perry from Witness
  • “Power”, by Leona Lewis from I Am
  • “Power”, by Lipps Inc. from Mouth to Mouth
  • “Power”, by Rainbow from Straight Between the Eyes
  • “Power”, by Ufo361 and Capital Bra from 808, 2018
  • “Power”, by Tears For Fears from Elemental
  • “The Power” (Snap! song), 1990
  • “The Power”, by Cher from Believe
  • “The Power”, by DJ Fresh from Nextlevelism
  • “The Power”, by Manowar from Louder than Hell
  • “The Power”, by Vanessa Amorosi from The Power


  • Power 98 (radio station), an English-language radio station in Singapore
  • The Power (XM), an XM satellite radio channel


  • Power (TV series), a 2014 drama series on Starz about a New York City illegal drug network
  • “Power”, an episode of Smallville, season 8

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

  • Girl Got Game, originally Power!!, a manga series 1999-2002
  • Power Magazine, a Swedish automobile magazine
  • Power!, a 1985 video game


  • Power (name), a list of persons with the surname
  • Will Power (performer)
  • Will Power (born 1981), Australian race driver
  • Phil Taylor (darts player) (born 1960), English darts champion nicknamed “The Power”
  • Oliver “Power” Grant (American entrepreneur, producer, actor and close associate of hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan)
  • The Power Twins (disambiguation)
    • the twins Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski, also American professional wrestlers


  • Power (UTA station), a light rail station in Salt Lake City, United States
  • Power, Montana, a census-designated place in the U.S.
  • Power, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in the U.S.
  • Power County, Idaho, also in the U.S.


  • Power (basketball), the 3-on-3 basketball team that plays in the BIG3
  • Power (horse), a British thoroughbred
  • Pittsburgh Power, an Arena Football League
  • Port Adelaide Football Club, nicknamed “Power”, an Australian rules football club
  • Power F.C., a professional football club based in Koforidua, Ghana
  • West Virginia Power, a minor league baseball team

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