Rolf Solli

Rolf Solli (born 1953) is a Swedish organizational theorist and Professor of Management at the University of Borås. During 2003-2012 he was Director and Professor of Management Studies at GRI, Gothenburg Research Institute, School of Business, Economics and Law at Göteborg University, Sweden.[1]

His research focuses on processes of management, leadership and accounting mainly in the context of public sector organizations.[2] He has published more than fifteen books, among which Low-voiced control. Perspective on civil finance officers in local government, (SNS, 1999), a volume edited with Barbara Czarniawska Organizing Metropolitan Space and Discourse, (Liber, 2001) and Constructing Leadership: Reflections on Film Heroes as Leaders with Björn Rombach (Santérus Academic Press, 2006).[3]

Prior to his present position, Rolf Solli was for many years Head of School of Public Administration at Göteborg University.

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