Applied Meta-Analysis for Social Science Research – by Card Noel A. (2015)

Offering pragmatic guidance for planning and conducting a meta-analytic review, this book is written in an engaging, nontechnical style that makes it ideal for graduate course use or self-study. The author shows how to identify questions that can be answered using meta-analysis, retrieve both published and unpublished studies, create a coding manual, use traditional and unique effect size indices, and write a meta-analytic review. An ongoing example illustrates meta-analytic techniques. In addition to the fundamentals, the book discusses more advanced topics, such as artifact correction, random- and mixed-effects models, structural equation representations, and multivariate procedures. User-friendly features include annotated equations; discussions of alternative approaches; and “”Practical Matters”” sections that give advice on topics not often discussed in other books, such as linking meta-analytic results with theory and the utility of meta-analysis software programs.

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Table of contents

I. The Blueprint: Planning and Preparing a Meta-Analytic Review

1. An Introduction to Meta-Analysis

2. Questions That Can and Questions That Cannot Be Answered through Meta-Analysis

3. Searching the Literature

II. The Building Blocks: Coding Individual Studies

4. Coding Study Characteristics

5. Basic Effect Size Computation

6. Corrections to Effect Sizes

7. Advanced and Unique Effect Size Computation

III. Putting the Pieces Together: Combining and Comparing Effect Sizes

8. Basic Computations: Computing Mean Effect Size and Heterogeneity around This Mean

9. Explaining Heterogeneity among Effect Sizes: Moderator Analyses

10. Fixed-, Random-, and Mixed-Effects Models

11. Publication Bias

12. Multivariate Meta-Analytic Models

IV. The Final Product: Reporting Meta-Analytic Results

13. Writing Meta-Analytic Results


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