Five ways (13TH CENTURY)

The five methods employed by St Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274) in his attempt to prove the existence of God by reference to natural facts about the universe, in Summa Theologiae.

The five ways were: argument from design; the cosmological argument; the degrees of perfection argument; the First Cause theory; the First Mover theory; and natural theology.


  • Five Ways, Birmingham, a city area in England
  • Five Ways, Paddington, a junction in Sydney, Australia
  • Five Ways, Victoria, a locality in Devon Meadows, Australia

Other uses

  • Five Ways (Aquinas) or Quinque viæ, arguments for God’s existence
  • King Edward VI Five Ways School, a state grammar school in Birmingham, England

See also

  • Fiveways (disambiguation)

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