Fido-fido theories

Fido-fido theories which explain some concept in terms of a direct relation to an object.

The ‘Fido-fido theories of meaning says that the meaning of a word is an object it stands for (the name ‘Fido’ means the dog Fido); the term is thus a nickname for a naming theory of meaning.

The ‘Fido’-Fido theory of belief is an extension of this idea, and says that to have a belief is to stand in a direct relation to a proposition which one is believing.

S Schiffer, ‘The “Fido”-Fido Theory of Belief, Philosophical Perspectives (1987)

Internet and communication

  • FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium working on internet authentication mechanisms, including the U2F protocol for two-factor authentication.
  • Fido Solutions, a Canadian cellular, home phone and Internet provider
  • FidoNet, a worldwide bulletin board system computer network, related to the FIDO bulletin board software package.
  • A microcontroller version of the Freescale ColdFire (part of the Motorola 68000 series)
  • .fido a type of Cineon Graphics Data file format.

Military and space

  • Fido Explosives Detector, a portable explosives detector
  • Fire Direction Officer or FDO, the third ranking officer in a US artillery battery
  • Flight Dynamics Officer, a position in ground control of space missions
  • Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation, a fog dispersal system developed in the Second World War
  • Mark 24 Mine or FIDO, a U.S. acoustic homing torpedo used during World War II
  • Roger Grosjean, an MI5 double agent (codename Fido) in World War II

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